Hangzhou SIASUN Robot & Automation Co.,LTD., founded in December 2010, located in Dajiangdong Industry Cluster Area of Hangzhou, is a national high-tech enterprise which takes individual robotic technologies as the core and focuses on digital intelligent high-end equipment manufacturing. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenyang SIASUN Robot & Automation Co.,LTD.( Stock code: 300024, Stock name: Robot)belonging to Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), Hangzhou SIASUN is the southern Headquarters, which has two holding subsidiaries namely Shanghai SIASUN Robot & Automation Co.,LTD., Ningbo SIASUN Robot & Technology Co., LTD. and Wuhan branch ,Taizhou center and other branches.

Based on the whole industrial chain competitive advantage integrating individual core technologies, key parts, leading products & industry technology solutions, SIASUN has formed 11 industrial groups, namely Industrial Robot, Intelligent Logistic Equipment, Automated Test & Assembly Line, Clean Automation Equipment, Laser Technology & Equipment, Intelligent Transit Equipment, Eco-friendly Equipment, Energy Source Equipment, 3D Printing Equipment, Special Equipment, Intelligent Service Robot. It can provide whole lifecycle digital and intelligent manufacturing & services.

At present, Hangzhou SIASUN covers Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions, which can provide users with tailored products, including international leading level of industrial Robot, Automated Test & Assembly Line, Industry 4.0 Solutions and so on. The products and services have been applied to the Automobile & parts, Elevator manufacturing, High & low voltage apparatus, Home building materials, Home appliance & kitchen appliance, Chemical fiber industry, Steel structure, Engineering Machinery, Tobacco, Food, Medicine, Electricity, 3C electronic assembling, Education & training and other industries. SIASUN regards “Create Infinite Value, Share Technological Achievements” as the core philosophy and undertakes the glory mission of “Promote Development of Industry/Ensure National Security/Enhance Quality of Life”, aiming at winning the respects of society, customers, shareholders and employees and becoming the first-class high-tech enterprise in the world.

Headquarters in the southern

Add.:No.2000, Weiqi Rd, Dajiangdong Industrial District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Tel.: 86-571-22687888

Marketing center of Hangzhou SIASUN

Add.: Block B, 22nd Floor, Guotai Sci.&Tech.Building,No.479, Minhe Rd, Qianjiang Century City, Hangzhou, Zhejiang


Ningbo SIASUN Robot & Technology Co., LTD.

Add.: Weiruan Building, No.555, Juxian Rd, Ningbo National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhejiang

Tel.: 86-574-87832816

Taizhou Center

Add.: CAS Building, No.505, Kaifa Rd, Jiaojiang, Taizhou, Zhejiang

Tel.: 86-576-89082031

Wuhan Branch Company

Add.: A1 Building, Taizihu North Rd, Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone, Hubei

Tel.: 86-027-87349688-6013


SIASUN originates from Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS). SIASUN got its name from academician Jiang Xinsong- the father of Chinese Robotic Industry. SIASUN starts its business from creating application value based on its core independent robotic technology.


SIASUN sets up two subsidiary corporations in economic hot areas Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Project of “Industrial Robot R&D” wins the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.

SIASUN is titled as the unique “National Engineering Center on Robotic” by the government.


SIASUN Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park lays foundation, which covers 200 mu.

“Industrialization of Robot & Automation Equipments” is selected as the national technical innovation project.

120KG Spot Welding Robot wins second-class National Scientific and Technological Progress Award.


SIASUN sets a subsidiary corporation in Beijing.

SIASUN is selected as “China TOP 21 Future Star Company” owing to its potential development speed.


SIASUN formally enter into Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park in Hunnan District,SIASUN becomes the largest robotic industrial base in China.

SIASUN raises the core slogan of “Using Robotic Technology to Create Practical Productive Forces”.


SIASUN places at 48 in Forbes “TOP 100 Potential Companies in China”.

At the meantime, SIASUN is selected as the excellent equipment provider in automobile industry because of products good performance in the market.


Co-found by SIASUN and Michigan University of the United States, “Sino-US Joint Research Centre of Overbound Manufacturing & Automation” is set up.

SIASUN is awarded as “Top 100 Enterprises in Softwares Sales Scale”by MIIT.


SIASUN Industrial Robot series products are titled “China TOP Brand” by General Administration of Quality Supervision.

SIASUN products are exported to more than 10 countries in Europe, America and Asia, rewriting the history of Chinese robotic industry.


SIASUN is selected into the first batch of national identified "91 Innovation-oriented Enterprises" and issued the plaque of " State-level Enterprise Technical Center" by the State Development & Reform Commission. SIASUN R&D ability is rated as the national level.


“FPD Clean Room Transfer Robot”, a program of National 863 Project undertaken by SIASUN, is successfully developed, which fills the domestic gap.

Sep.28 SIASUN is listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It is the first listed robotic enterprise in China.


With covering an area of 430 mu,Hangzhou SIASUN Robot & Automation Co.,LTD. is founded, ,which marks two industrial bases located in north & south are formally established.

28 AGVs are successfully exported and applied in Camaro production line in the United States.


SIASUN Wisdom Industrial Park (covering area of 320 mu) foundation stone laying ceremony is grandly held.

SIASUN Academician & Export Workstation is founded.

SIASUN invests and establishes SIASUN Digital Co ,.LTD, which means SIASUN enters into servo R&D field and extends its industrial chain.


SIASUN gets title of “China Famous Brand”.

SIASUN attends Hannover Messe, Chinese & Germany premier visit SIASUN booth.

SIASUN achieves the first-grade qualification of computer information system integration.


SIASUN is elected as president unit of “China Robot Industry Alliance”. President Qu Daokui is elected as alliance’s chairman.

CCTV“Half-Hour Economy”&“The Pillars of a Great Power” pays a visit to SIASUN, writing a story related to the approaching of new industrial revolution driven by robot.


SIASUN intelligent digital factory is fully operational.

SIASUN AGV realized technical breakthroughs & participated in stipulating national standard.

SIASUN is selected as first-class supplier of army.

CEO Qu Daokui wonTOP 10 Characters of Science and Technology award of the year.

SIASUN Qingdao HQ signed up.


SIASUN private placement complete, a new development has started.

SIASUN R&D platform comes into a new level.

SIASUN Wisdom Park is putted into used, successfully creates a Digital Manufacturing Kingdom.

SIASUN successfully holds Creatineer Robotics Competition-the first robotic Fab Lab in China.

CEO Qu Daokui won "2015 TOP 10 Economic Personages of China".

Ningbo SIASUN Robot & Technology Co.,LTD. is founded


SIASUN independent R&D the first collaborative dual-arm robot integrated with double-eyes vision guided system in China, which has won CIIF Gold award and leads the new era of man-machine collaboration.

SIASUN develops the first 6-axisprallel robot realizing manual teaching, which marks SIASUN robots' control technologies have reach a new level. SUNbot, a new brand of SIASUN service robot, is grandly released.

SIASUN is elected as the leader of National Robot Standardized Group.

  • Hangzhou SIASUN was registered on December 23, 2010,200 million Yuan registered capital.

  • On September 16, 2011, "south SIASUN innovation research center and industrialization base" held the opening ceremony in Linjiang industrial Park, the Chinese academy of sciences, Shenyang institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch and Zhejiang provinces leaders attended the foundation stone laying ceremony.

  • On August 22, 2012, Gong Zheng, Deputy governor of Zhejiang province, visited Hangzhou SIASUN.

    On November 16, 2012, Chen Jiayuan ,Vice governor of Zhejiang province visited Hangzhou SIASUN.

    On December 28, 2012, Hangzhou SIASUN held the first session of the workers' congress.

  • On May 9, 2013, Hangzhou SIASUN Exhibition The 12th China (Hangzhou) International Industry Fair.

    On July 15, 2013, Zhou Guohui, Director of Zhejiang science and Technology Department visited Hangzhou SIASUN.

    On October 13, 2013, Hangzhou SIASUN participated in the 2013 west fair economic and trade scientific and technological cooperation forum, which was paid attention to by Xiabaolong,Communist Party Secretary of Zhejiang province.

    On November 6, 2013 Caojianlin,Vice Minister of the Science and Technology visited Hangzhou SIASUN .

  • In January 2014, Zhejiang SIASUN industrial robot intelligent equipment research institute was established, and was identified as " Zhejiang key enterprise institute".

    In January 2014, Hangzhou SIASUN. was elected as the first chairman of the Hangzhou hi-tech industrial cooperation alliance.

    On March 19, 2014, Mao Guanglie, vice governor of Zhejiang province, went to linjiang industrial park to investigate the construction progress of Hangzhou SIASUN.

    In June 2014, “SIASUN robot school" was established, aiming to promote the concept of robot replacement for industrial manufacturing enterprises in Zhejiang province, and to provide training services for industrial robot industry practitioners.

    In July 2014, Hangzhou SIASUN was approved by Hangzhou municipal industrial and information application pilot enterprise.

    On September 29, 2014, Hangzhou SIASUN has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise.

    In September 2014, Hangzhou SIASUN was selected as the "top ten love talents" in Xiaoshan District.

    On September 15, 2014, Zhang Geng, Vice mayor of Hangzhou municipal government, came to Hangzhou SIASUN to investigate and contact key projects.

    On October 17, 2014, Xie Shuangcheng ,Vice Mayor of Hangzhou visited Hangzhou SIASUN.

    In October 2014, Hangzhou SIASUN was recognized as "Hangzhou enterprise technology center".

    In October 2014, Hangzhou SIASUN and Zhejiang University robotics research center jointly established the Zhejiang SIASUN laboratory, the laboratory is committed to "robotics common and key technologies".

    In December 6, 2014, Hangzhou SIASUN was selected as the vice chairman of the Zhejiang robot industry technology alliance.

    In December 22, 2014, Hangzhou SIASUN was identified as the first batch of "Machine substitution" engineering services company in Zhejiang province.

  • On January 28, 2015, Zhang Hongming,Mayor of Hangzhou visited SIASUN.

    On May 4, 2015, Hangzhou SIASUN relocated to the Dajiangdong industrial district.

    On May 7, 2015, Hangzhou SIASUN auto parts automatic production line was selected as the first batch of "machine substitution" advanced equipment in Zhejiang Province.

    On May 23, 2015, the twelfth SIASUN cup mechanical design competition was successfully completed.

    On July 22, 2015, Xia Baolong Communist Party Secretary of Zhejiang province visited Hangzhou SIASUN.

    On September 11, 2015, Ningbo SIASUN Robot Technology Co., Ltd. was founded.

    On September 12, 2015,Hangzhou SIASUN won the 2015 "geek employer".

    In September 2015, Hangzhou SIASUN self-developed carving and milling offline software technology broke the foreign monopoly.

    October 30, 2015, the National Inspection Commission Industrial Robot Working Group was established, Hangzhou SIASUN serves as the deputy leader unit.

    On December 10, 2015, Hangzhou SIASUN employee Chen Feng was selected as the top 10 innovation characters in Dajiang.

  • On January 8, 2016, Hangzhou SIASUN laser automation equipment was exported to India, which rewrote the history of robot intelligent equipment in Zhejiang province that had no export history.

    On March 17, 2016, the People's Daily, Guangming Daily came to Hangzhou SIASUN, launched a "steady growth, adjust the structure, transfer mode" special interview activities.

    On Mach 29, 2016 Hangzhou SIASUN postdoctoral station began to run, and two postdoctoral research stations carry out research work.

    On May 18, 2016, Hangzhou SIASUN general Party branches of CPC were established.

    On June 3, 2016, Li Zhenggang received the honorary title of "the first outstanding contribution of Hangzhou city".

    On August 18, 2016, Hangzhou SIASUN signed the strategic cooperation agreement with zhengtai group and zhengte group, and developed in-depth cooperation.

    In September 2016, Hangzhou SIASUN "a cognitive system based industrial robot and its control methods" invention patent was authorized by SIPO.

    In October 2016 Hangzhou SIASUN AGV robot production line put into operation, the production of the first AGV exports to Singapore.

    On October 13, 2016,Hangzhou SIASUN exhibition China - South Africa high technology exhibition exchange meeting.

    On November 30, 2016 Hangzhou SIASUN drafted the "magnetic navigation traction automatic guided vehicle" standard formally implemented, and also won the " first batch of technical standards innovation demonstration enterprise" in Dajiangdong.

  • 1.ChenYixin, deputy secretary of the Hubei provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Committee, visited Hangzhou SIASUN Wuhan branch.

    On March 5th, Chen Yixin, deputy secretary of the Hubei provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Committee, visited the SIASUN robotics exhibition hall at the innovation Valley Park, South Taizilake. Hu Shizhong, general manager of Hangzhou SIASUN Wuhan branch, gave a detailed report to Secretary Chen and his colleagues about the development direction and scientific and technological achievements of SIASUN robot industry. Chen Yixin, one of Chen Yixin's secretaries, experienced a series of SIASUN robot products on the spot, and said that the advanced intelligent technology of the SIASUN robot can promote the important promotion of Wuhan's intelligent manufacturing. It is hoped that SIASUN can effectively promote the rapid transformation and upgrading of the local manufacturing industry.

    2. Hangzhou SIASUN innovation chain industrial chain major scientific and technological innovation projects passed smoothly.

    On March 10th, the project led by Hangzhou SIASUN, Hangzhou Tongling automation, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Automation Technology Research Institute and Hangzhou Shilanwei jointly undertaken by Hangzhou city innovation chain industrial chain major scientific and technological innovation project - "industrial automation and robot common key technology development and application" project successfully passed the acceptance. The project has developed a high performance robot software platform system and the intelligent application technology of industrial robot through the optimization of the advanced servo motor, driving system and reducer, developed a visual sensor and studied the basic chip technology. Based on the above research, the intelligent industrial robot was welded. Application, research, demonstration and extension of typical manufacturing industries such as handling, assembly and processing.

    3.Hangzhou SIASUN has won the "service manufacturing demonstration enterprises" in Zhejiang province.3.Hangzhou SIASUN has won the "service manufacturing demonstration enterprises" in Zhejiang province.

    On March 14th, Hangzhou SIASUN was officially recognized as the first batch of "Zhejiang service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises" by the Zhejiang Province Commission of trust.

    4.Hangzhou SIASUN self research and development of high-precision lightweight 4kg robot first appeared in the Fifth China electronic information Expo.

    On April 9th, the Fifth China electronic information Expo was opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, and Hangzhou SIASUN launched its first appearance with independent research and development of high precision and lightweight 4kg robot. The SIASUN high precision and lightweight 4kg robot is suitable for the flexible production line with compact layout and high precision. It can meet the needs of industrial operation such as precision assembly, product packaging, grinding, handling, inspection, snails, bonding and so on. SIASUN high precision and lightweight 4kg small robot is especially suitable for flexible production lines with compact layout and high precision. It can meet the needs of industrial operation such as precision assembly, product packaging, grinding, handling, inspection, snails, bonding and so on. Compared to the similar robot products in the market, based on the independent research and development technology, the innovative internal transmission structure, the lightweight arm design, and the independent research and development of the kinematics and dynamics algorithm, with high accuracy, the SIASUN small robot has more advantages in the cost.

    5.Li Zhenggang, general manager of Hangzhou SIASUN, was elected the Standing Committee of the Eleventh Hangzhou Municipal Committee of the CPPCC.

    On April 12th, the first session of the Eleventh Hangzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference was successfully concluded in the Great Hall of the people of Zhejiang province. After secret ballot, the meeting elected the chairman, vice chairman, secretary general and Standing Committee of the Eleventh Hangzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference. Li Zhenggang, general manager of Hangzhou SIASUN, was elected as the Standing Committee member of the Eleventh Hangzhou Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, and the proposal of "the supporting construction and rapid development of the east city corridor" was listed in the key proposal.

    6."Domestic robot application and cooperation" -- the first theme Salon of the provincial robotics Association 2017 was successfully held in SIASUN, Hangzhou.

    In the afternoon of April 22nd, by the Zhejiang Robot Industry Development Association of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou SIASUN robotics Automation Co., Ltd. held the theme of "domestic robot application and cooperation", which was held in Hangzhou SIASUN successfully. More than 40 representatives from Zhejiang local robot manufacturers, system integrators and robot parts manufacturers participated in this event. Chen Changjie, deputy director of the industrial investment office of the Provincial Committee of the Ministry of information, Liu Yujun, deputy director of the intelligent manufacturing office of the Commission of the Municipal Commission of information, and the Dongjing of Dajiangriver. The chief of the Bureau of the Bureau of the Bureau of industry was present. In the event, the representatives of the enterprises around the "how to strengthen the cooperation between the local system integrators and the ontology manufacturers" launched a heated discussion, the field point of view, the supply and demand interaction, the cooperation strategy of the business enterprise.

    7.The "Zhejiang standard" moves towards the European standard of robot standards -- Hangzhou SIASUN speaks at the Vienna Vienna standard docking conference.

    On April 29th, the series of Austria, Belgium and Swiss "Zhejiang standards" from the Zhejiang Bureau of quality and technology supervision, which was carried out by the team of Austria, Belgium and Switzerland, went out of the European line. The deputy general manager of the company took part in the event. At the "Zhejiang standard" promotion and exchange meeting in Vienna, Austria, he was appointed Deputy General Manager of the navy to speak on behalf of Zhejiang manufacturing enterprises. He mentioned that SIASUN, as the leading industry leader, strictly implements international advanced standards and serves as the head unit of the national robotics standardization group. It is responsible for coordinating the technical content and technical return of China's robot related national standards, organizing related international standards formulation and international standardization related to the basic commonality of robots. Work and the implementation of standard English. In the field of robotics standardization, the SIASUN robot hopes to be able to communicate and discuss more widely with the domestic robot companies in Europe, the world's technical experts and standardization experts to jointly promote the sharing of robot standards.

    8.Chen Xinhua, vice mayor of Hangzhou, visited SIASUN Hangzhou.

    On May 24th, Chen Xinhua, deputy mayor of Hangzhou, visited Hangzhou SIASUN to carry out a survey. The Deputy Secretary of the grand Jiangdong Party committee of work, deputy director Zhan Guoping of the committee, deputy director Xuchang, the general planner Wang Xuexiong and so on. The deputy general manager of Hangzhou SIASUN reported to Chen Xinhua, vice mayor of the company, on the company's operation and the next step of development Delimit. Chen Xinhua, vice mayor, did not stop asking, and discussed the development of "machine replacement" work, industrial 4 application development and so on. At the same time, he gave high recognition and appreciation to the achievements made by the company. He encouraged the company to further increase the investment in scientific research and continue to become a big and strong robot industry. Jiangdong, Hangzhou and even Zhejiang province's high-end equipment manufacturing industry has added luster.

    9.Hangzhou SIASUN and Hunan farmers' friends and FOTILE kitchen electricity cooperation projects were successfully selected by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2017.

    On June 7th, the State Ministry of industry and information (Ministry of industry and information) formally published the project list of comprehensive standardization and application of new models of Intelligent Manufacturing in 2017. The company was successfully selected by the company and the Hunan farm friend and FOTILE kitchen electric cooperation project. It collaborated with enterprises in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent storage logistics and digital intelligent factory in the field of kitchen and agricultural machinery. Jointly promote enterprise intelligent transformation.

    10.Hangzhou SIASUN successfully approved Zhejiang "provincial enterprise technology center".

    On November 13th, the province was approved by the 5 departments, such as the Ministry of Credit Committee, the provincial state tax bureau, the provincial local tax bureau and the 5 departments of the Hangzhou customs, and identified the "enterprise technology center of the Hangzhou SIASUN robotics Automation Co., Ltd." as the provincial enterprise technology center. Hangzhou SIASUN enterprise technology center will be based on the advantages of "technology research and development ability" and "engineering project experience", in order to break through the key application industry intelligent manufacturing solutions, take the service area traditional manufacturing transformation and upgrading as the goal, in order to create the market economic benefit as the aim, adhere to the independent innovation and encourage collaborative innovation. To build the center into a robot and intelligent manufacturing technology innovation center with industry characteristics and influence.

    11.Hangzhou SIASUN 2016 China Academy of Sciences STS industrialization project passed smoothly.

    November 15th, by Hangzhou SIASUN lead, combined with CAS Hangzhou high tech industrial cooperation alliance member unit Raytheon laser, Institute of engineering, the Chinese Academy of navigation jointly undertaken by the Chinese Academy of Sciences for 2016 STS "automatic production line for automotive parts manufacturing automatic production line research and development and demonstration" project successfully passed acceptance.

    12.Li Zhenggang, general manager of SIASUN Hangzhou, won the "quality Hangzhou business" award.

    On November 17th, the fifth Hangzhou business forum and the 2017 China Business Association summit, with the theme of "changing our life Hangzhou businessmen", were held in Hangzhou. The conference officially announced the fifth "quality hang merchants" and the two "Hangzhou business brand case" list, Hangzhou SIASUN robotics Automation Co., Ltd. Li Zhenggang general manager won the "quality hang Shang" title.

    13.Zhao Hongzhu, Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, visited SIASUN, Hangzhou.

    On December 5th, Zhao Hongzhu, deputy secretary of the former Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Deputy Secretary of the CPC Central Committee of the CPC, visited Hangzhou SIASUN, deputy secretary of the Hangzhou municipal Party committee, mayor XuLiyi, deputy secretary of the Work Committee of the grand Jiangdong party and deputy director of the management committee. Li Zhenggang, the general manager of Hangzhou SIASUN and deputy general manager RenHaijun, received a warm reception from Zhao Hongzhu. The report introduced the process of enterprise innovation and development, product application and market development. Zhao Hongzhu listened carefully, nodded repeatedly, and gave full recognition and appreciation to the development of SIASUN in Hangzhou.

    14.Hangzhou SIASUN is once again certified by national high and new technology enterprise.

    On December 15th, Hangzhou SIASUN successfully passed the national high and new technology enterprise identification management leading group for review and record, and was once again identified as "national high-tech enterprise". This is the second certification after the certification in 2014, and it is also an important harvest after the achievements of a series of scientific and technological innovation platforms such as "Zhejiang enterprise technology center" and "Hangzhou patent pilot enterprise".

    15.Hangzhou SIASUN science and technology project "robot digitized factory system research and application" project passed smoothly.

    On December 20th, the project of "research and application of robotic digital plant system", a major key industrial project of Zhejiang Province, which was undertaken by Hangzhou SIASUN, passed the acceptance of the project. Through the research of the robot unit equipment, the lightweight design of the robot body and the integration of the control system, the project has completed the development of the multi axis robot. In view of the demand of the logistics system, a complete set of equipment for the AGV car and the automatic storage system has been developed, and the system integration of the digital chemical plant based on the robot is completed. It has been successfully applied in typical manufacturing sectors such as auto parts, elevators and wooden doors.

2012.12 Chairman Hu Jintao
2015.04 Premier Li Keqiang
2012.02 Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang
2012.04 Premier Wen Jiangbao and German Chancellor Angela Merkel
2008.05 Li Changchun,Member of?Politburo Standing Committee
Li Lanqing, Former Vice Premier and Member of?Politburo Standing Committee
2015.11 Vice president Li Yuanchao
2014.09 Minister of the?Propaganda Department?of the Central Committee
2015.11 Vice Premier Liu Yandong
2011.10 Lu Yongxiang,Vice-chairman of NPC, Dean of?the?CAS
2015.03 Xu Shaoshi, Chairman of the?National Development and Reform Commission
2015.08 Miao Wei, Minister of the Industry and Information Technology of PRC
2015.07 Xia Baolong, Communist Party Secretary?of Zhejiang?Province
2012.08 Gong Zheng, Executive?Vice-governor?of?Zhejiang Province
2014.03 Mao Guanglie, Vice-governor of?Zhejiang Province
2015.07 Mao Guanglie, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress
2015.01 Zhang Hongming, Mayor of Hangzhou
2017.05 Chen Xinhua, Vice Mayor of Hangzhou

Hangzhou Hi-tech Industry Alliance Chinese Academy of sciences(hereinafter referred to as "alliance"),is a technology innovation organization that supported by advanced technology of CAS. Alliance aims at researching and developing the new and high technology, technology products, and realizing industrialized production. The alliance will further strengthen and give full play to the technological innovation capability of the CAS in Hangzhou, and promote the advantages of scientific and technological and technological industries, and promote the development of local emerging industries.

The alliance was founded in 2013,now has joint Institutes of CAS in Hangzhou, such as, Shenyang Institute of Automation, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine mechanics, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology , Institute of Computing Technology, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry,Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Technology Physics, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Institute of Physics and Chemistry, etc.